Spy Bahu 16th August 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, all the villagers doing work with handicrafts and materials for exhibition. Lakshmi comes to meet Bapuji and Paro asks her if she liked the curry she made. Lakshmi tells about Paro being surviving after the condition she was brought in by Harsh is really a miracle. Bapuji says there is someone who is definitely praying for her everyday. Yohan is shown distressed. Paro thanks them for giving her new life and says she trusts Lord Krishna and there must be definitely some reason for whatever has been happening.

They are talking when suddenly there is a commotion outside. The owner of the place and his goons start breaking things and ruining all the materials. They shout about rent not being paid for the last three months. Paro tries to call Harsh. Bapuji says that they don’t have the money as all was spent in raw materials for the exhibition but they will pay him immediately once items are sold and they earn but the goons don’t listen and keep destroying.

Drishti gains slightly conscious but Ahana again injects the drugs in her saline and she falls back into deep sleep. Ahana smirks happily. Paro remembers her past training days and how she used to fight. She picks up a stick and tells the goons or else she will teach them a good lesson. The guy mocks Paro and asks if she was teacher before losing her memory. One goon goes to attack her but she beats him up. Eventually Paro single handedly fights against them and they run away being scared. Everyone is amazed. Bapuji tells that she is not ordinary person and definitely used to protect people before she lost memory.

Paro is confused. At home, Arun is playing with Adi. He sees Drishti gaining consciousness and asking for Adi but intentionally takes him away. Veers asks him why he isn’t giving Adi to his mother. Arun tells Adi should be only habituated to stay with Arun. Veera thinks its nice if Arun is busy with Adi she can do her work easily. All the villagers are worried as their hardwork of past two months got destroyed and only two days are left for exhibition of independence day in Delhi.

One lady comes and tells Paro to help her as thieves keep stealing her crops. She suggest her to add itching powder. Lady gets happy and thinks she solved her problem so easily. People from nearby village also come to ask about their problems. Paro tells she will help everyone but in return they should help to make things for the exhibition.

Gradually they end up finishing all work before time. Bapu Ji tells Paro will go with him to exhibition. While on other hand Yohan has planned to display his new weapons in the programme. The episode ends with Veera and Ahana planning to fool Yohan and steal the weapons to hand over it to the terrorist gangs.