Thapki Pyar Ki 14 January 2022 written update – Thapki ignores Purab

At the beginning of the episode, Purab ask Thapki what happened to her and why she is so upset? She says nothing. She is about to go but Purab holds her hand and ask why she is not talking to him? Thapki says that since she has heard about his responsibilities she remembers her responsibility. Purab ask her what kind of responsibility? She says that she is a daughter in law of this house and she have to fulfill this responsibility. Purab thinks to himself that Thapki is hiding something from him. He sees Jaya and ask her what did Thapki told her?

She says nothing major. She tells him that Thapki is still upset because of her father. She says that she is not able to forget all this. Purab ask her is there anything else. Jaya says no. In the kitchen Hansika ask Thapki did she told her feelings to Purab? Thapki ask her what is her motive behind this? She ask why is she pushing her continuously to tell her feelings to Purab. She says to her that she knows everything still she is asking her to confess her feelings to Purab. Hansika says sorry to her.

She says but now things have changed. She ask her now what will she do? Will she confront Purab for his lie or she will not tell her feelings to him? Thapki says she will decide this by herself. Later, in her room Purab comes to her and says that he understands she is upset because of her father but she can’t be sad for all day. Then he shows her the video and says that her video got millions of views. He tells her that now Veena records will promote her. Thapki says why is he doing this? He says that It is his responsibility to promote talent and make people stand on their feet.

Next day Thapki is getting ready for makar sankranti. Purab helps her in getting ready. He helps her in wearing her jewellery. Then Thapki remembers what she listened and pushes him away. Amma distributes work to everyone. She ask Thapki to make laddoos. Purab goes to help her and comes close to her. She ask him to stay away and let her concentrate on doing her work. Then Purab and Thapki does the pooja together. Purab says to himself that he will make Thapki smile again.