Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 20 January 2022 written update: Opu and Multhi’s marriage

At the beginning of the episode, Arjun and his family arrived at Kajol’s home with police team. Kaushik asked police to arrest Opu and his family for kidnapping Multhi. Multhi said she is an adult and she want to marry Opu because she loves him. Kaushik said Kajol’s family provoked Multhi against her own family. Anurag asked Kaushik not to lie in front of police. Police inspector said Mutlhi want to marry Opu and that’s why we can’t take any action against Opu. Police leaves from there, Multhi shows gratitude towards Anurag. Kajol asked Arjun’s family to sit and discuss about everything.

Kaushik said Opu’s wrong decision can destroy Naina’s married life. Naina started shouting at Kajol for everything. Chandana asked Naina not to blame Kajol for everything. Kaushik said we don’t want to discuss anything and asked Arjun to go home with Multhi. Arjun hold Multhi’s hand and decided to go home but Kajol stopped Arjun. Kajol said Multhi will marry to Opu now. Kaushik said Opu can’t afford Multhi. Naina asked Opu to leave Multhi. Opu asked why Naina is not supporting him for his marriage with Mutlhi? Naina said Multhi and Opu have no comparison and that’s why they can’t marry with each other.

Kajol asked Naina to support her brother’s love story. Anandita said Kajol want to take revenge from his family that’s why she is supporting Opu to marry Multhi. Kaushik said Opu want to snatch his wealth that’s why he want to marry Multhi. Kajol asked Kaushik not to make fun of their financial condition. Anurag said if Kaushik will disturb Kajol’s family then he will call police. Kaushik said if Multhi will marry to Opu then he will not give his money to Multhi. Multhi said she don’t want money and can live happily with love. Multhi said finally she get freedom from cage. Kaushik asked Multhi not to come to his home.

Kajol said she will take care of Multhi and will fulfill all her requirements. Anandita said if Naina want to live with Arjun and his family then she need to break all the connections with Kajol’s family. Naina and Arjun’s family leaves from there. Multhi started crying and said she is orphan now. Anurag said he will take care of Multhi now. Opu and Multhi sit in mandap for marriage rituals. Opu and Multhi took phere and finally got married. Opu and Multhi took blessings from everyone. Priyanka arrived at Kajol’s home.