Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 21 January 2022 written update: Naina shouted at Shreya

At the beginning of the episode, Arjun and his family left from Kajol’s home. Opu and Multhi completed their marriage rituals and become husband and wife. Priyanka arrived at Kajol’s home and started clapping. Priyanka asked Chandana to give blessings to her and Anurag. Priyanka informed everyone that she is going to marry Anurag next week, everyone gets shocked. Kajol gets emotional and congratulates Priyanka and Anurag for their marriage. Priyanka asked what Anurag is doing at Kajol’s home? Priyanka congratulated Opu and Multhi for their marriage. Priyanka said Kajol should attend her marriage because she is Anurag’s best friend.

Chandana said Kajol is very kind and that’s why she will definitely attend Anurag’s marriage. Chandana congratulates Priyanka and gives blessings to Anurag. Anurag asked Multhi not to worry about anything. Opu and Multhi show gratitude towards Anurag for supporting them in their marriage. Anurag said only few get their real love and asked Opu to take care of Multhi. Priyanka asked Anurag to leave from there. Priyanka said goodbye to Kajol and then they both leave from there. On the other hand, Anandita was crying. Kaushik shouted at Anandita for not taking care of their daughter. Arjun asked his parents not to fight with each other and asked everyone to take a rest.

Arjun’s aunt taunted Naina. Naina said Shreya is responsible for everything. Shreya said Naina’s words are meaning less and asked her to stay quiet. Anandita shouted at Shreya for helping Multhi to ran away. Shreya said she never helped Multhi and she will prove it. Naina said Shreya will not let her stay calm. Shreya called roadside to Naina. Naina shouted at Shreya for disrespecting her. Kaushik stopped both of them. Kajol’s family welcomes Multhi and Opu to their house. Kaushik called Anurag’s aunt and informed her about Multhi’s marriage. Anurag’s aunt asked does Anurag helped Multhi to ran away from her house?

Anurag said he saved Multhi from a cab driver then he took her to Kajol’s home. Anurag’s aunt asked Anurag to forget Kajol because he is going to marry Priyanka next week. Anurag said he can’t forget his real love. On the other hand, Kajol feed food to Multhi through her hands. Multhi said Priyanka is going to marry Kajol’s love but then also Kajol is calm and feeding her food. Multhi said her own family never get concerned about her but Kajol is taking care of her. Multhi started crying, Kajol hug her.