Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 24 January 2022 written update: Oyon arrived home

At the beginning of the episode, after Multhi’s marriage, Arjun’s family went back to their home. Shreya and Naina blamed each other for helping Multhi. Multhi informed Kajol that she become an orphan and her family doesn’t think about her anymore. Kajol handled Multhi and said she has a whole family. Multhi said due to her love story Kajol’s family is facing problems. Multhi asked why Kajol didn’t want to marry Anurag if she loves him? Kajol asked Multhi not to think about her. Kajol feed food to Multhi, Opu arrived there. Opu shows gratitude towards Kajol for helping him to get his love. Kajol asked Opu and Multhi to enjoy their first night and left from there.

Later Anandita and Kaushik got a call from their relatives but they didn’t respond to it. Arjun asked why they are not picking up the call? Anandita said everyone wants to talk about Multhi’s marriage and that’s why they can’t answer them. Kaushik received a call and shouted at the caller. Oyon arrived home. Kajol was thinking about Anurag’s act of helping Multhi and Opu to marry. Kajol thought that Anurag is a very nice guy and she imagined him around her. Oyon get to know about Multhi’s marriage and shouted at everyone for keeping Multhi inside the room. Oyon shouted at Shreya to help Multhi to run away.

Shreya said her father supported Oyon and his family but no one thinks about her contribution. Kaushik said Kajol’s family is unfortunate for them. Oyon said Kajol’s family is too good and even Opu is a nice guy. Naina said one day everyone will get to know that Naina is planning everything in this home. Anurag arrived at Kajol’s home with gifts for Multhi and Opu. Multhi gathered everyone. Anurag said he also imagine Kajol around himself. Kajol said we should need to imagine each other because he is going to marry Priyanka soon. Anurag said he can’t stop thinking about Kajol because he loves her too much.

Rajesh also arrived at Kajol’s home with sweets. Kajol decides to organize a reception for Opu and Multhi so as to inform everyone about their marriage. Anurag said he will also contribute to the reception’s arrangements because Multhi is his sister. Chandana and Kajol’s aunt arranged breakfast for everyone. Kajol and Anurag went to buy a saree. Anurag suggests Kajol buy a red color saree for Multhi.