Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 25 January 2022 written update: Priyanka shouted at Anurag

At the beginning of the episode, Kajol and Anurag went to buy clothes for Multhi and Opu. Kajol selected a pink saree for Multhi but Anurag selected a red one. At last, Anurag asked the shopkeeper to pack the pink saree and he select a mustard-colored suit for Opu. Anurag and Kajol was enjoying each other’s company and they both were imagining as they are doing shopping for their own marriage. Kajol was trying bangle and her hand got hurt, Anurag get worried and he applied ointment on her hand. Priyanka and her friends also went to the market for shopping. Priyanka also wanted to buy bangles so she also come near to that shop.

Kajol and Anurag went out of that shop, then Priyanka and her friends went inside the shop. Anurag was hungry that’s why he bought an ice cream. Kajol wants to buy a wedding gift for Opu and Multhi. Anurag took Kajol to a transport agency so as to purchase tickets for Opu and Multhi’s honeymoon. After a small discussion, Kajol and Anurag decide to send Multhi and Opu to Bhutan for their honeymoon. Kajol thought that Bhutan’s package is too costly so she decided to buy package of Darziling. Anurag said he also want to contribute in Kajol’s gift and asked her not to think about the money.

Kajol asked travel agent to deliver the tickets to their home on reception day, so as to give surprise to Opu and Multhi. Opu arrived in his room with food for Multhi, she gets happy. They both started eating food together. Anurag and Kajol also went to the restaurant and they were discussing about the reception arrangements. Anurag said we will bring a music band and Kajol will sing in the reception. Priyanka and her friends also arrived at the same restaurant. Anurag said it feels like he is planning for his own marriage arrangements. Priyanka saw Kajol and Anurag together and get angry. Priyanka asked her friends to leave from there and they move out of the restaurant.

Kajol saw Priyanka and asked Anurag to clear everything in front of her. Priyanka called Anurag and shouted at him for going on date with Kajol. Anurag said he is planning reception for Multhi and Opu. Priyanka asked Anurag to come out of the restaurant, otherwise she will inform police about everything. Anurag cut the call and told Kajol that he need to go. Kajol said we need to accept that Anurag is going to marry Priyanka and she leaves from there. Kajol arrived at home with shopping bags.