Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27 January 2022 written update: Anurag got drunk

At the beginning of the episode, Priyanka arrived at Multhi and Opu’s marriage reception. Priyanka recognized a scenario when Naina informed her about Multhi and Opu’s reception in the market. Earlier on that day, Naina told Priyanka that Kajol want to spend more time with Anurag that’s why she didn’t invite Priyanka. Priyanka asked why Kajol didn’t invite her at the reception? Kajol said Anurag was included in the planning of reception and he can answer to her question. Priyanka asked why Anurag didn’t invite her? Anurag asked Priyanka not to create a scene. Priyanka said she will create a scene because she has a reason.

Priyanka said she brings gifts for Multhi. Priyanka went to the stage and give blessings to Multhi. Multhi asked Priyanka to stay away from Anurag and let Anurag marry with Kajol. Priyanka said she is going to marry Anurag and asked her to remember that. Suddenly a gift package arrived at the marriage reception and Kajol and Anurag’s name was written on that gift package. Priyanka shouted at Anurag. Anurag and Kajol get shocked after watching their names on the honeymoon package. Kajol said the travel agent wrote the wrong names on the package and this was the gift to Multhi and Opu. Anurag asked Priyanka not to create a scene.

Priyanka started shouting at Kajol and said she did everything to hurt her. Anurag hold Priyanka’s hand and took her out of the building. Anurag said Priyanka will marry him and that’s why she will not get anything else. Priyanka asked Anurag to think about her. Anurag said he can’t stop loving Kajol and leaves from there. Anurag’s nanny and Anurag’s father went to Arjun’s home and invited them for Anurag’s marriage. Anandita said Anurag helped Multhi to marry Opu that’s why we can’t forgive him at any cost. Anurag’s nanny said Kajol is responsible for everything. Kaushik asked Anurag’s nanny not to speak Kajol’s name in his home.

Anurag went to the bar counter and started drinking alcohol, Priyanka tried to stop him but he drank the whole bottle. Kaushik said Anurag is doing everything due to Kajol’s impact. Anandita said due to Kajol only, Multhi is away from her family. Anurag gets drunk and plays the music. Anurag started dancing. Anandita asked Anurag’s nanny to keep Anurag away from Kajol because she can affect Anurag and Priyanka’s marriage. Anurag’s aunt asked Anurag not to create scenes in front of everyone. Anurag said he loves Kajol more than anyone else and he can’t live without her. Priyanka shouted at Kajol and asked her to stay away from Anurag.