Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani written update 30 January 2022 weekly

In the last week we saw that, Multhi and Opu get married to each other with the help of Anurag and Kajol’s family. Multhi informed Kajol that she become orphan and her family doesn’t think about her anymore. Kajol handled Multhi and said she has whole family. Later Oyon arrived at home. yon get to know about Multhi’s marriage and shouted everyone for keeping Multhi inside the room. Anurag arrived at Kajol’s home with gifts for Multhi and Opu. Multhi gathered everyone. Rajesh also arrived at Kajol’s home with sweets. Kajol decide to organize a reception for Opu and Multhi so as to inform everyone about their marriage.

Kajol and Anurag went to buy clothes for Multhi and Opu. Kajol select pink saree for Multhi but Anurag select red one. At last Anurag asked shopkeeper to pack the pink saree and he select mustard colored suit for Opu. Anurag and Kajol was enjoying each other’s company and they both were imaging as they are doing shopping for their own marriage. Priyanka and her friends also went to market for shopping. Kajol want to buy a wedding gift for Opu and Multhi. Anurag took Kajol to transport agency so as to purchase tickets for Opu and Multhi’s honeymoon. After a small discussion Kajol and Anurag decide to send Multhi and Opu to Bhutan for their honeymoon.

Later Anurag and Kajol went to the restaurant and they were discussing about the reception arrangements. Anurag said we will bring a music band and Kajol will sing in the reception. Priyanka and her friends also arrived at the same restaurant. Priyanka saw Kajol and Anurag together and get angry. Priyanka asked her friends to leave from there and they move out of the restaurant. Priyanka called Anurag and shouted at him for going on date with Kajol. Anurag said he is planning reception for Multhi and Opu. Priyanka asked Anurag to come out of the restaurant, otherwise she will inform police about everything.

Kajol thought that Anurag is going to marry Priyanka soon and decided to stay away from him. Kajol called Naina and informed her about Multhi and Opu’s reception. Kajol asked Naina to bring Arjun’s family at the reception for Multhi’s happiness. Naina said Arjun’s family can’t forgive Kajol for her mistake and can’t attend Opu and Multhi’s marriage reception. Arjun gets angry and took Naina’s phone. Arjun shouted at Kajol for marrying Multhi to Opu and said he will take revenge from Kajol for everything. At the evening everyone gathered at reception’s venue. Opu and Multhi shows gratitude towards Anurag for selecting everything for their reception.

Later Priyanka arrived at Multhi and Opu’s marriage reception. Priyanka asked why Kajol didn’t invited her at reception? Kajol said Anurag was included in the planing of reception and he can answer to her question. Priyanka asked why Anurag didn’t invited her? Anurag asked Priyanka not to create scene. Priyanka said she will create scene because she has reason. Priyanka started shouting at Kajol and said she did everything to hurt her. Anurag went to bar counter and started drinking alcohol, Priyanka tried to stop him but he drunk the whole bottle. Anurag’s nanny and Anurag’s father went to Arjun’s home and invited them for Anurag’s marriage. Anurag started dancing.

Priyanka come to Kajol and asked her to stay away from Anurag. Kajol said she is not going close to Anurag anhow and Priyanka is not able to handle Anurag. Priyanka asked Kajol to prove that she is not interested in Anurag by attending all the functions of Anurag’s marriage. Kajol started crying and said she will attend all the functions of Anurag’s marriage. Later Opu told Multhi that he will not attend Anurag’s marriage functions. Multhi said Anurag has done a lot for us and we should attend the marriage. Kajol took Multhi and Opu to Anurag and Priyanka’s haldi ceremony.

How Anurag and Kajol will come close again?

This was the weekly summary of your favorite show “Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani”.

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