Udaariyaan 22 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Jasmine running out of the godown. Fateh gets down on Jasmine and takes steps to light fire to the entire godown on the off chance that she leaves. Jasmine reviews herself doing likewise to Tejo. She gets frightened and returns. Fateh says that he needs Jasmine experience like Tejo endured. He asks Jasmine who brought Tejo here and lighted the fire. Jasmine attempts to utilize Amrik’s child to escape from Fateh’s fury. Yet, not set in stone to get equity for Tejo and requests reply from her. Jasmine says that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Fateh is going to light the fire to the godown.

Jasmine admits that she brought Tejo here and lighted the fire to bring Tejo’s memory back and not to kill Tejo. Fateh will not trust her and requests reality. He takes steps to consume her alive. Jasmine admits that she carried Tejo here and lighted fire to deteriorate her state of mind and make her a total crazy as she can’t see them together once more, she can’t endure Fateh’s consideration and love for Tejo. Fateh hurls the lit stick and starts to walk. Jasmine inquires as to whether he’s going to the police headquarters. She says that nobody will accept him as he has no verification. Fateh stops and plays Jasmine’s admission sound in his telephone stunning the last option.

Fateh shares with Jasmine that all will abhor her when her reality will become unavoidable. Jasmine attempts to set up a demonstration. Fateh requests that she stop her theatrics. He requests that she leave the city and disappear from all if she would rather not go to prison. Fateh leaves. Jasmine shouts venting out her resentment. Fateh gets back home. He remains at the entryway and watches Tejo resting. He recollects their minutes together. He comes to Tejo and begins talking.

Tejo awakens and joyfully embraces him. She says to give up home and says that she made his number one dishes. She gets some information about her gift. She says that it’s fine in the event that he didn’t bring, get it later. She takes Fateh holding his hand. Fateh emerges to the truth and acknowledges he was envisioning everything. He sits and have the dishes Tejo made for him.

Dadi awakens and sees Fateh having food. She says that she make new food. Fateh says that this is made by Tejo and nothing can be preferable over this. He gives Dadi the jalebi he brought for Tejo and requests to take care of them to Tejo. He says that Tejo imagines that he attempted to kill her. He says that he will clear her misconception. He says that he will sit tight for Tejo in any event, for seven lives. Fateh separates. Dadi feels terrible seeing Fateh and Tejo’s battles.

The morning Tejo gets back. Family invites her. Fateh watches this stowing away. Other hand Jasmine calls Yash and requests that he meet her desperately. Yash says that he has come to Canada for some dire work.Jasmine reproves him and hangs the call. She regrets about remaining in the storeroom. Here Tejo enquires about Lovely’s heath. Exquisite second thoughts of needing to send Tejo to the psychological refuge. Dilraj gives Tejo chocolate and says that she used to eat every one of his chocolates. Satti prevents Dilraj from telling anything further. Dadi gives the jalebi Fateh provided for Tejo saying it’s prasaad as she got back recovering. Tejo reviews about her unborn youngster. She goes to her room and gets sda reviewing the fire mishap.

Fateh is sitting holding toy fan and ponders climate it will assist Tejo with recollecting her past. Somewhere else Jasmine regrets about her arrangement blowing up on her. Sweety brings nourishment for herself and requests that Jasmine not make clamor. Sweety asks Jasmine what she will do straightaway. Jasmine says that she won’t surrender without any problem.