Barrister Babu 14 October 2021 written update – Batuk comes back

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh applies colour to his face. He invites Bondita to come to him to remove the colour from his face. Bondita comes to him. But Saswati removes the colour from his face. Bondita laughs at Anirudh. Then she puts a hand on his face and asks if he is fine. He says yes. Anirudh thanks her for coming into his life. He says that she is the diamond of his life. Bondita lets out that she is lucky to have him in her life. She also thanks him as she has been able to fly because of him.

After this Anirudh prepares for the ceremony. When he moves a few steps forward, he hears some sound. He opens the room and sees Chandrachud lying on the floor trying to drink the water that fell on the ground. He sees that his hands and feet are tied. He opens his arms and legs and takes him to the hospital. The doctor tells that Chandrachud has lost a lot of blood. Anirudh agrees to give him his blood.

Chandrachud asks him what soil he is made of. He did so bad things to him but still, he agreed to help him. Anirudh says that he has made a mistake but he should not get such punishment. Chandrachud says that today Anirudh has changed his thinking. Here Bondita is waiting for Anirudh in the ceremonies. She wonders where Anirudh is. She decides that she will not start this program until Anirudh comes here.

Here Batuk comes to Tulsipur. Trilochan is very happy seeing Batuk. He asks Batuk to take his blessings. Batuk laughs. And says that he missed everyone a lot. Tears come to his eyes. Trilochan asks him not to cry. Batuk says that he got away from them because of Bondita and he can never forget this. While Trilochan explains to him that he should forget the old things and start anew.

Batuk says ok but adds that he hates Bondita. Trilochan asks him what is he talking about. Batuk doesn’t tell him anything. He then asks Trilochan where Anirudh is. Trilochan tells him that he is in a samorah. He shares that he fears that Anirudh will be left behind if Bondita starts climbing in her work and their relationship may even deteriorate.

Here Bondita is explaining to the people of the society that if a widow wants to marry again, then we should not have any objection to this. One of them asks what will happen if Anirudh passes away. Bondita is shocked. She says that this question itself is wrong. At the same time, Batuk comes there. He says that he will not allow Bondita’s campaign to succeed.

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