Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 written update 27 March 2022 weekly

We saw that Surya wanted to take revenge on Gehna and made him the maid of the house and asked her to do household work. Suhani comes to Gehna and taunts her. Gehna says that the one who never loves her son then how her son believes anyone. Suhani asks her not to teach her. Gehna says that one day she will win and rules this house. Surya gifts the laptop to Suhani who throws the laptop. Suhani says that she brings Gehna here to torture but she is torturing them. Suhani asks Gehna to work properly and asks her to clean the Chandelier. Gehna is cleaning and tries to disturb them. Surya asks her if she can’t talk to her mother like this. Gehna cleans the Chandelier and makes fun of them.

Praful says that he brings honeymoon packages of Goa for them. Surya says that they want to go to Europe. Praful says that he will arrange something. Kanak says that for twenty-five days. Baa said that if Praful promises to them then it will happen. Kanak looks on. Gehna said that they will not go without them. She said if they go then they have to do all work. Everyone praises Gehna and Praful says that they have to leave. Surya asks them to stay here but they say that she booked the hotel near the house.

Later, Suhani gives the stuff to Gehna and asks her to do this work and says that she organized a jagrata for Sikander wellness. Suhani comes home and sees them but Suhani says what she is doing. Gehna told her that they are neighbors. She said that she will take money or not but Gehna says that she made a group in which they goes for help. Gehna says that today is Jagrata so Suhani’s daughter-in-law should look good. She said that she is going to get ready and asked her to take care of it.

After all this, Hema sees the house decoration and gets astonished. Kanak looks at her but she says that their house is far better. Kanak says that she will make the problem for her. Gehna comes down where everyone looks at her. Surya gets surprised to see her. He says that he wants to gift her something. He shows the necklace and wears her. Surya says that he takes money from Praful of honeymoon trips. Gehna tries to say and said that why he spends too much money. Surya sees her and transfers the money to Praful. Praful says that Surya transfers the money and praises Surya.

Suhani comes outside and hits Kanak. Kanak falls. Baa asks her to come home but Kanak said that she can’t stand it. Suhani asks them if she can stay here. Suhani thinks that Gehna can’t be her family. Kanak asks Suhani why she hits her so badly. Suhani says that she doesn’t want to take a chance and asks her to think about her plan. Surya comes to the room where she requests him to change her outfit otherwise Kanak knows everything and told to Baa. Surya says how should he react. Gehna says that he should behave with him like a husband.

Kanak taunts Gehna and said that she becomes a maid in this house. Gehna says that what she will take to shut her mouth. Kanak asks her to give her necklace. Kanak is happy and trying the necklace and Suhani comes there and asks for the plan. Kanak says that she will take one step at a time only. She said that she can make her life hell. Everyone is going to the picnic where Surya asks that Gehna will pick up all the luggage. Dada and Dadi take their luggage with them. Surya asks her to pick up all the luggage.

Dadi and Gehna talk about Surya. Dadi says that he feels jealous after seeing Anant’s photo. She says that she needs to take his love from him. Gehna jumps into the swimming pool and asks Dadi to shout for help. Gehna is drowning but Surya comes there and saves her. Surya takes her out and asks her to open his eyes. Gehna wakes up and Surya leaves from there. Surya asks Gehna to do press on his shirt. Gehna pressed the shirt but Surya says that she is using cheap tricks to come close to him. He leaves for bathing. Gehna hears that the current is in water. The staff told the manager to announce that no one should bath right now. Gehna goes to save Surya.

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