Sasural Simar Ka 2 written update 27 March 2022 weekly

Last week, we saw Simar go to Aarav and request him to check the CCTV footage one clip is missing. Aarav was not interested in checking anything. Suddenly Gitanjali Devi came there and told them to hear what Rajander is saying. Rajender said there is no problem in the medicines. Gitanjali Devi angrily stares at Simar. On the other hand, Giriraaj flushed all the medicines in which he mixed the poison. Gitanjali Devi scolds Simar for manipulating their family members against each other.

Reema showed all the photos to Vivan and acknowledge to him how Devesh kidnapped her. Vivan dropped the phone in shock and left from there. Vivan was very hurt and thought always something happens between them which brings gap in their relationship. Aarav was thinking that his trust was not worthy of Simar. Reema was thinking everything is over now.

Aarav saw Vivan sitting alone and having drinks. He asked Vivan what happened? He told him about all the happening. Aarav said he should be happy that Reema confessed the truth. He told Vivan to trust Reema as she gathered guts to confess the truth. Vivan says he is right but at a moment he wasn’t able to understand anything. Aarav says he is lucky Reema told the truth on the other hand Simar keeps telling lies to save Gagan. Vivan came and apologized for reacting like a typical man. He says the fault was of someone and he outraged his anger on someone else. He told Reema that he will pull out her from this problem. Vivan says her passion is not wrong but people like Devesh need some lessons. Reema thanked him and says she is feeling good after hearing this.

Simar was thinking to talk wiyh Aarav about Samar’s contract. She wasn’t able to understand how to start. Then he decided to talk after Holi on this topic.  Gitanjali Devi was giving instructions to servants for the Holi celebration. Reema came there and tells Gitanjaali Devi that she will do all the arrangements just tell her what to do? Gitanjali Devi says why your mother hasn’t acknowledged you about it. Reema says she knows all the recipes’ names made on this day. Simar says she knows all the stuff used for Holika Dahan. Gitanjali Devi said we won’t burn woods as it’s not eco-friendly. Simar says this is a good thing. Gitanjali was giving the list of all the items. Simar was about to take it but she said this girl is here for Gajander only. Then she gives this responsibility to Reema.

Chitra was telling Giriraaj that Reema won’t be able to do all the arrangements and we will use this time for our plan. Giriraaj asked what’s her plan. Chutrat says Holi is not complete with cannabis. Simar was going through the list and says we won’t bring bhang and she will make Gujiya. Chitra gives a guarantee that Simar would be dragged out of the house.

Lalit and Roma were expecting a baby. Avinash, Indu, Gagan and Samar congratulates Roma. Roma calls Reema to inform them too. Reema get’s excited after hearing this. Roma asked about Simar. Reema said she will call later as they are doing Puja. Samar was thinking if Simar won’t revert back then she has to face the consequences.

Chitra warns Devesh to get lost from here. Devesh told her that he want his full payment to keep the secret. Suddenly Vivan came there and Chitra hides from him. Devesh escaped from there seeing Vivan. Aarav asked Simar what’s happening why everyone is running here and there. Vivan goes in his car to catch Devesh. Reema and Simar also leave following them. Devesh came to his studio and feel relaxed. Aarav was sitting already there before him. Vivan also came there. Aarav made him drinks forcibly and ask where are Reema’s photos. Devesh points towards the table. Aarav said today we will make him teach a lesson so that he couldn’t do this with anyone.

Chitra mixed that Cannabis into thandai. Chitra says this is the last chance for us. Sinart serves thandaia and sweets yo Gajander. Chitra insists Gajander eat these sweets as Simar made this. Then she makes Gajander and Sandhya eat those sweets. Simar was wondering why it’s tasting different.

Aarav came across Simar and she comes to him. They madly smile at each other. Someone secretly took Simar’s phone from there. Chitra calls from Simar’s phone and booked a DJ. Giriraaj asks what she is doing. Chitra says Gitanjaali hates music and Cannabis after some time drama will start. Aarav and Simar were taking funny things with each other. Simar says she doesn’t like when he doesn’t talk with him. Aaeavt laughs and says he also likes to talk with her

This was the weekly summary of your favorite show “Sasural Simar Ka 2”.

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