Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 written update 29 July 2021 Kanak gets kidnapped

At the beginning of the episode, Hiral said that even the moon has scars, Paresh said that the moon still shines. Gehna thinks that no one remembers her anniversary and gets sad. Anant comes and starts singing a song for Gehna. He gives a surprise to Gehna. She gets happy to see the surprise. Anant asks Pankaj to bring a cake for her. Kanak gets angry and tries to unbalance Pankaj. Pankaj brings cake and the cake falls. Gehna asks him not to worry as she is happy. Anant gives her a gift and said that he put this Mangalsutra at her because of her mother, but today he wants to take responsibility as her husband. Gehna gets happy and emotional. Kanak asks Baa to go to the temple.

Gehna thinks that Anant gives her a lot of surprises, then what will happen when she will give him. Gehna thinks to make a cake for Anant in a new style. Gehna baked cake for Anant. She brings cake for Anant. He gets happy to see the laddu cake. He asks about the gift and said that she didn’t like the gift. Gehna said that she liked the gift. Anant takes the gift and made wear Mangalsutra to Gehna. She gets happy. He gives another gift in which she can learn driving. Gehna said that she doesn’t want to learn driving. Anant says that everyone wants her and asks her not to overthink. Gehna feels upset. Anant asks what happen. Baa shouts for everyone.

Baa told everyone that someone kidnapped Kanak. Baa explain all the scenario and gets tensed. The kidnappers call Desai’s and ask about the condition. The kidnappers said that he will call for other demands.

Hema shouts for help and said that she is hungry and asks them to open the door. Chetan opens the door and said that why she is shouting. Baa asks to leave Hema. Hema told Chetan that Kanak kidnapped herself by some kidnappers. Chetan says that this cannot happen. Hema says that this is the truth. Chetan looks on.

Gehna told Anant that she can’t trust Kanak so they shouldn’t go to the police station. She says that they should do to own and try to find Kanak without police help. Gehna asks Baa about the van number and asks what happened there. Baa explains all the things. Gehna and Anant get happy after that and looks at each other.

Upcoming Story: Gehna takes the parcel and opens it and gets Shocked to see Kanak’s finger. Everyone gets Shocked.

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