Sasural Simar Ka 2 26 November 2021 written update – Aarav to part ways with Simar

At the beginning of the episode, Sandhya tells Aarav that from now je won’t meet Simar. Aarav request her mom not to tell all this to Dad and i won’t let this happen again. There Samar makes Simar understand that she should move on and think about her family. Simar agrees with him. Then he joke’s with Simar and runs after her to tickle.

Vivan comes with breakfast for Aarav. He feeds Aarav saying that he hasn’t eaten anything since last night. Then he tells Aarav that he can’t see him breaking like this as he is his role model. He says all the projects are on hold as it needs his guidance. Aarav said he need to focus on work but he can’t stop thinking about Simar. Aarav said he will try to move on and bring his life again on track.

Aarav went to Gitanjaali Devi. He tells her that he wants to talk about something urgent. She told him not now as she is going to market buying stuff for the puja. She told Vivan to come up with him. Vivan said there is an urgent meeting so take Aarav with you. Gitanjali Devi agreed.

There Indu, Samar, and Simar were doing shopping for Diwali. Aarav and Gitanjaali also went shopping. While Simar was buying few stuff someone dragged her behind.

Gajender came back home and got to know that everyone went for shopping. Suddenly Reema came downstairs and shows fake sympathy for Simar. On asking she showed him that video. She manipulates him by saying that this can ruin Simar’s image as they are already in their past relations. Gajender was thinking about how to stot all this. Reema tells him to convince Simar for second marriage. She tells him that she knows a good guy for her.

Aarav drags Simar and asks why she didn’t call him. Simar tells him that she can’t continue talking to him like this as she can break her parent’s trust Samar was searching for Simar. Aarav asks Simar whether she is not aware of her relation. Simar told him to forget everything and went off from there.

Reema acknowledged Gajander about Samar and she told him that he is a good guy. While Simar was leaving Aarav held her hand. Suddenly Samar came there and removes his hand. Aarav tells him to move out as this is our personal matter. Samar said tall in front of him. Simar was telling Aarav to go from here. Aarav tells Samar to be in your limit. Simar says he is my music composer and she is about to work with him. Samar gets happy and tells Simar to pinch him. Samar told him he is protecting her as a colleague and what relationship does he have. Aarav says nothing went off from there.