Sasural Simar Ka 2 8 August 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Judge praises Simar’s graceful attitude to the difficult situation. Ishita gets jealous. The anchor asks Ishita to give hints about the second round. Ishita declares that will be a swimwear round which is totally hot and happening type ki. Ishita shows a hotty snazzy dress as an example to embarrass the Oswal members specially Simar. Ishita and Pallavi criticize Simar and conspire about the second round in the dressing room. Indu says to Badima how dares Ishita insult Simar?

Badima drags Ishita to ask pardon from Simar. Sandhya, Indu and Badima slap Ishita one by one. Badima insists Ishita to ask the forgiveness from Ishita. When Ishita tries to apolize, Badima rubs some black on the Ishita’s face. But all these were Chitra’s reverie. Chitra gets tensed to think Ishita’s dare. Badima alerts Simar about Ishita’s misbehavior consiracy.

Badima almost also says that how Simar is trapped of Ishita and how Ishita planned to insult Simar publically. But Simar requests Badima to give her the permission. She pledges that she will keep the honour of the Oswaal family. To support Simar, Aarav also requests Badima to give the permission. Badima gets disappointed and goes away. Aarav, Sandhya give the support and strength.

Chitra and Ishita again start to conspire about the second round. Chitra asks about Reema but Ishita gives a vague and layered answer. Indu gets nervous to think the upcoming situation. Sandhya says Simar should fight in the stage. Even Oswal women may stand up on the stage for the sake of Simar. She also explains the mental block of age and gives example of Gita prakash, who started her model career after 60s. Every female holds each other’s hands. Reema also comes to join them and promises her stand.

Reema gets awestruck to hear the restriction of the dress. Ishita tries to choose her dress. She is pampered by Pallavi. They think that Simar wouldn’t participate in the swim costume round. They make fun of Simar. Meanwhile, Reema, Aditi and Simar tries to contact the dress designer to arrange the dress for the competition. Anchor announces the second round dramatically and asks Ishita to come on stage. Ishita walks in a hot style with her over confidence. Then Simar is asked to come on the stage.

Simar looks perfect in her modern western dress and walks confidently on the ramp. She is stopped by the anchor and judges as the dress is not a swimming costume. On the questions of judges, Simar explains that how it’s important to feel comfortable in a dress for a fashion show. She makes it clear the purpose of her dress. Judges also agrees with her opinion.

Then Aditi, Reema, Indu, Roma and Indu walk into the stage in their snazzy snappy dresses. Everyone looks stunning in their beach outfits. Anchor and judge start appreciate their ease. Ishita looks jealous and irritated. She protests against their stupid behaviour but no one listens to her. Suddenly the lights gets turned off. When others become puzzled, then Badima comes in her classy stunning outfit to prove themselves strong. Again all the members walk on the ramp with their bold confidence. Ishita, Pallavi and Chitra looks wonderstruck

Anchors welcome the audience and the judges. The competition is between purani soch and new approach. Anchor instigates the sensation of the environment. The competition happens in three rounds. First round- western look ramp walk. The judgement will be dependent on walk , charisma, and confidence. First round starts. Simar is ready to start and she is connected by Bluetooth wireless earphone with Reema.

Suddenly Reema is summoned by Ishita and is asked to handle Rudra’s call. Being distracted, Reema leaves Simar in distracted situation. Ishita walks in the ramp. She looks stunning and hot. Simar fails to connect with Reema and tries to connect with her. Suddenly she is asked to walk in the ramp. Reema is offered to work in 3 add film by Rudra.

Simar becomes bemused in the situation. Aarav comes to calm her down and emphasizes her to prove herself. Simar walks in nervousness. Audience wait for her. But she feels disconcerted. Oswaal members and Aarav try to encourage her to move forward. She reminds the bygone insults and promises. She gethers the confidence and walks ahead smartly. She poses attractively. Evils get jealous.

Suddenly the straps of the dress are tear off. Simar feels ashamed of the incident. Badima comes and confounds to see her in that look. She herself feels embarrassed in the mid of the ramp walk. Judges becomes confused what is happened to her.