Udaariyaan 25 November 2021 written update – What’s in Fateh’s mind?

At the beginning of the episode, Fateh took Jasmine inside the room. She was crying and saying that our wedding entry was spoiled. Fateh calms her by saying that he is having a big surprise for her. Jasmine says he never reveals the surprise. Fateh told her now he is not having time to reveal it but sure she will be happy to see the surprise.

Simran took Tejo to her room. Tejo denied entering by saying that now this room doesn’t belong to her. Simran told her that no one came to this and Fateh also didn’t allow Jasmine to enter this room. Tejo recalls her last moments spent in that room.

Later Angad came to Tejo and flirts with her by praising her beauty. Then suddenly he switched and started praising himself. Tejo says it means he is praising himself. Angad said she is also looking good just a rose is missing. Then he puts it in her hair. While Tejo and Angad were laughing together Fateh came there to congratulate both of them.

Sandhu’s came to Vick’s house. Khusveer welcomes them. Angad requests Khusveer to be from his side as no one is there from his side. Khusveer was thinking whether Fateh would change his decision or not. At last, Khusveer agreed to fulfill all the responsibilities as Angad’s father. There was little time left so they all danced and enjoyed the function.

There Jasmine was getting ready for the wedding. She was thinking about where he went. She tells her friend to go and look for him. Fateh took his bike and left the house. Later Tejo and Angad settled down for the engagement. Tejo was a little nervous. Satti and Rupy started the ritual. Sweety informed Jasmine that Fateh is not in the house. Jasmine was also trying to call him.

Angad whispers you have still time to think again. There Jasmine got worried about where Fateh went off. There Fateh was driving his bike fast. Khusveer was thinking still Fateh can stop this engagement. Tejo was also a little nervous.