Sasural Simar Ka 2 25 November 2021 written update – Geetanjali Devi in disbelief!

At the beginning of the episode, Samar tells her about love Nisha who died in a car accident. He shares his loneliness and how he avoids remembering Nisha. Samar says sometimes he wishes to end his life as he is tired of pretending happy in front of everyone. Simar apologizes but Samar told her he doesn’t want any sympathy. He tells her to think about her parents. Then he made her sit and tied a cloth on her injury. He tells her to forget Aarav and think about her parents.

There Gitanjaali Devi was sitting and watching that video clip. Reema was thinking that she will take revenge for that slap. Aarav came and honked. Gitanjali Devi heard and came out. Aarav came out of the car and fell down as he was badly injured. Gitanjali Devi screams and calls everyone. Suddenly everyone came and they took him inside. Reema thought why she didn’t react too much. She asked Gitanjaali Devi why she didn’t say anything to him. Gitanjali Devi scolds her for being so much jealous. Gitanjali Devi says she just worried that why Gitanjaali Devi didn’t scold Aarav. She tells Reema to become a member of this family before she wishes to become the head of the family. She told Reema to just focus on Simar’s wedding.

Aarav was telling Vivan that I don’t need any doctor just he wants to apologize Simar. Vivan was trying to calm him. The doctor gave him the while Vivan was distracting him. After a while, he fell unconscious. He was telling Gitanjali Devi that he doesn’t wish to hurt her. Gitanjali Devi says she trust him that he won’t do anything which will Oswal’s. Sandhya requests Gitanjaali Devi to let him free as he is hurt. Gitanjali Devi told her she is very much aware of anyone so she wants to distance him from that girl.

Vivan tells both of them to keep quiet. He requests them to let him rest. Gitanjali Devi says fine we will talk in the morning. She told Vivan to stay with him. Aarav was taking Simar’s name and there Simar was missing Aarav.

The next morning Samar came to Simar with the breakfast. Simar asks what’s all this? Samar told her this was a special breakfast for her. Simar said it’s a sweet gesture but first, she let other’s eat. Samar showed her that everyone is also having breakfast on the table. Simar was thinking about Aarav. Samar told her not to think all this as her parents think that she moved on. Sandhya tells Aarav that from now he wont meet Simar again.