Pandya Store 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 3rd February 2023 Written Update, Pandyas getting shocked to see tiger inside their house. Rishita and Raavi are worried about Shesh and Mithu. Suman scolds Rishita and Raavi and asks them to get their child inside somehow else she won’t forgive them. Pandyas try to calm down Rishita and Raavi who panic. Shiva wants to break the door. But Gautam stops him as their lives will get in danger too. Chiku says to that they should Shesh hide in a different places. Shesh obliges and slowly to the other side and hides. Chiku closes Mithu’s mouth when he is about to scream. Chiku says to Mithu that the tiger will eat them, if he makes any noise. They both together move and hide.

Rishita blames Dhara and says that she already lose Chiku because of Dhara and doesn’t want to lose Shesh too. Dhara tries to calm down. She asks Rishita not to shout as the tiger is outside. On the other hand, Shweta argues with Aman for replacing Natasha with giving informing her and giving her any notice. She threatens to complain to the union and cancel his shoot.

Aman asks Shweta to read the contract clauses before doing anything. He shows Shweta the video recording in which she’s throwing tantrums. He says to Shweta that she will get the full payment in 90 days. He advises Shweta to stop throwing her tantrums in the next work as Natasha is talented and she may not get work because of her. Natasha asks Shweta why they’re going back, if there’s no shoot. Shweta lies that they not shooting that day as Natasha isn’t well.

Here, Chiku leaves Mithu in a place and goes and hides in a different place. Dhara opens the window and sees the tiger isn’t in the hall. Dhara decides to go to get the kids. Krish decides to accompany her. Gautam is about to leave, but Shiva pulls him back. Dhara and Krish go out. They slowly move. They find Shesh and Chiku hiding in different places. Dhara and Krish save Shesh. Dhara is about to move to Chiku, but they hear tiger roaring and leave. They enter a room and hide inside. Meanwhile, Shiva comes out of the room. He finds Mithu who is hiding. Shiva takes Mithu with him.

Dhara takes a stick. She then takes out a saree from the cupboard. She tears it and ties the torn cloth on the one edge of the stick. She ligts it. Krish asks Dhara what she is doing. Dhara says that the tiger won’t attack this while using this. Krish refuses to let Dhara go alone. But Dhara asks Krish to take shesh to the room while she will bring the other two kids. She leaves. Krish closes the door. He refuses to let Dhara alone and wonders what to do.

Shiva finds Chiku. Chiku sees Shiva andis about to shout. Shiva gestures him to ve quiet. He carefully goes to Chiku. He asks Chiku to run and hide inside a room. Chiku obliges. Shiva also runs inside another room and hides. Rishita is worried about Shesh. Dhara prudently walk in the hall with the fire torch she prepared. She says to Rishita that the kids are safe in the room. She says that Shesh is with Krish. Rishita says that Shesh can’t be safe with Krish as she lost Chutki because of him. Rishita shouts that she won’t spare Dhara and Krish if anything happens to Shesh. Suman asks Rishita to stop. She defends them. Suman says that Dhara only tried to unite this family. Rishita says that they already saw Dhara’s attempt breaking up this family.

Raavi shouts that she only wants her Mithu. Suman scolds Rishita and Raavi. She asks them to call the forest department so that they come and capture the tiger. Raavi, Rishita and Prerna try to call the forest department. Prerna’s call gets connected. The Pandya ladies are shocked to see Dhara approaching the tiger with the fire torch. Prerna takes out a stick and a piece of cloth. She goes out to help Dhara. On seeing this, Raavi, Rishita and Gautam also go out. Krish sees this from the window. He asks Shesh to promise not to go out of the room till tiger leaves. Shesh nods ok. Krish leaves to help Dhara. Prerna joins Dhara.

Raavi and Rishita go to the kitchen. They also prepare fire torches. They join Dhara and Prerna. Gautam, Dev and Krish also arrive there. They hell their respective partners. The tigers move towards them to attack them. They are scared and scream when they hear a gun shot. The tiger faints. They see at then entrance. They see the forests officers standing there with the gun. The officer says that they just inject sedative to the tiger. Suman is to see her family fighting the tiger together.

Precap: Suman decides to perform Krish and Prerna’s engagement at Pandya house. But Rishita and Raavi get stubborn to leave.

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